Friday, February 13, 2015

Enjoying the Cold

The sun rose on breath grasping temperatures this morning.  The news stations gave warnings of exposed skin freezing in in a few brief minutes were anyone to be foolhardy enough to go outside. I decided to chance it.  By the afternoon, the temperature had risen to a balmy minus 17 and I needed to go for a walk.  I bundled Heidi up in her bootees and warmest coat and myself in the same plus the scarf I recently made.  I love cold, sunny days and they are my favourite times to be outside.
We didn't go to far and I kept watch to make sure Heidi's feet weren't giving her any problem but it was nice to be out in the fresh air.  When we got back home, I made myself a hot drink and Heidi got a doggie treat.
I also finished the borders on my tumbler quilt today although I am thinking of adding another to add a bit of colour.  I should have time to do that tomorrow and then I will have to leave the quilting for a bit.  I have an order for a laptop bag and need to get that made.
Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow.  I am going to make hubby some mocha macaroons which he loves. 

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