Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tea Cosy Pattern.

I have had a productive day.  I completed all the articles for the craft sale on Saturday and got my first nativity set up.  Today I made four receiving blankets, three pairs of slippers and one microwave bowl holder.  Tomorrow, I will get everything organized; price tags, cloth for the table etc.  The sale starts at nine so I will have to leave home early.  I usually do all my housework on Saturday so will have to get that done tomorrow as well.  Laundry is going to have to be fit in somewhere as I only like to do it during reduced hydro rate time.

This tea cosy is very easy to make.  Basically, it is two 10 X 20 pieces of fabric plus batting.  Sew the long sides and then sew about four inches starting at the top  along one side so the sides of both ends are joined.  I did this first.  Make a pocket along the top edge for threading ribbon and you are done. The pattern is free on Connecting Threads: www.
Tomorrow is another installment of the Quilting Detective on Fiction Friday.

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