Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adventures in Snowland

It has been an adventure filled couple of days here in the back woods.  Like many parts of this continent, we have been experiencing heavy snow falls combined with squalls for a few days.  We have as much snow filling up the bush and driveway as we normally get for a good part of a winter.  I plowed through snow well past my knees today (and I am tall) while trying to get to the satellite dish so I could clean it and get my internet on again. then I shovelled a path to the car and another for the dog.
On Sunday and then again today my husband had to take a long and dangerous drive with visibility, sometimes, not being past the hood of the truck.  He just got back home Sunday evening when the brakes went.  Today he had to go out again in the same conditions in a friends vehicle.  He returned home late afternoon and now we are staying put.
I need to go out Thurs. because I finally was able to get an appointment to have my snow tires put on.  With the sudden and sustained snowfall, our local garage was booked right up.
We are supposed to go away on Sunday but right now are just waiting to see what happens with the weather.
I did get a bit of quilting done today as well as baking.  Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to get at the quilt that is on the frame.  I have to unsew part of a row before continuing as it overlapped the preceding one.
We will both sleep well tonight as we are feeling our age.

Back window view and a slight lull in the snow fall. Husband is getting ready to plow-again.
Front window looking down the driveway and another squall.

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