Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance Day

We went to the Remembrance Day service in the village this morning and my husband laid a wreath on behalf of our church. 
There was a great turnout of participants and spectators.  Our little village usually does have a well attended service.  It is one of the best organized that I've seen which is to the credit of our legion.  Its members, as is true with the ones across the country, are getting well up in years and seeing them continue on is very encouraging.
This photo was taken before the service and the other is of my husband (that coat looks so big on him now he has lost so much weight) and his escort after laying the wreath (cross, actually). It is the first time he has done this so I was quite proud of him.  I usually do all the public stuff so it is good to see him getting out of his comfort zone.
He took a nasty fall on Saturday right near this area but, other than some stiff muscles, didn't suffer any ill effects.  He could have banged his head on the pavement of fallen differently and broke a bone so I am thankful he is alright.
I got a quilt into my frame today.  It has been so long since I've done one that I almost forgot how to get everything set up.  I completed one row and it turned out alright so I better keep at it.  It is a small quilt-crib size, so it will only need 10 rows.  I will post a photo when it is done.

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  1. My grandson and I were planning to stop for the service in Bancroft while we were travelling yesterday but we sadly missed it by minutes.
    I took a bad fall a few days ago. Feet flew out in front of me and I took the impact on my right hip and shoulder. Thankfully no head blow and I was on grass, but I'm going to be nursing this one for awhile. We have to be so careful, but sometimes being careful doesn't even matter.