Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Baby Doll

Walmart was full of people shopping for Christmas today.  I couldn't believe how many had carts full of wrapping paper and items that appeared to be for gifts.  Poor me was just trying to get my usual things.  I thought it being a Wednesday that it wouldn't be busy.  The store management also seemed to have got it wrong and were pulling staff in from everyone to staff the tills.
I kept bumping into people I knew in all the stores I went to including a lunch stop.  I guess most of the people from the village also thought it would be a slow day.
The other possible reason for the business might have been because the government cheques-pension etc. had been received.
Haven't done much since I came home other than put away my purchases and get supper which was just left overs.
Tomorrow, hubby is going to Orillia to deliver his sister's Christmas turkey so I will have a day to myself to sew, sew, sew.
I bought an odd item today.  I have been looking for a baby doll and found one that was perfect.  I will be able to make her  new born sized clothes which is why I bought her.  Heidi wasn't sure what to make of the doll.  I think she thought it was some sort of toy but when she tried to chew its feet, I put an end to the sniffing and exploring.  She hasn't shown any more interest so it may have just been the smell that attracted her.
It was a lovely day with the sun shining and close to seasonable temperatures.  Hope this holds for a bit.  It is a pleasure getting outside on a day like this.
Happy thanksgiving to my American readers for tomorrow.

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