Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Hot Cup of Cocoa

What does a person do when the weather is to miserable to go outside?  Well, if you are a quilter, you quilt.  It isn't really bad outside if you are walking but right now the snow is too deep in the bush to do that.  It would be great for snowshoeing but my husband is too tired from plowing, bring it wood, plowing etc.  We were planning on going away on the weekend but cancelled because it is too treacherous so perhaps we can get the snowshoes out then.
I have been finishing up a few odds and ends.  Also, got at the quilt that is on my frame.  I had to remove it, unpick a row and then put it back.  I don't usually take it out of the frame for that but as I had only done two rows and wanted to sew a strip on the sides to help keep everything straight.
I have now completed that second row and stopped to make a cup of cocoa and check my e mail. 
It is funny how, even when you are snug inside, that a hot cup of cocoa with real cream is what the body craves.  Mine anyway.
Tomorrow is Fiction Friday and there will be another installment of the Quilting Detective.  Hope you will enjoy it.
Don't forget to check out Sew Sisters Blogathon  (link on yesterdays post) to win some great prizes as well as enjoy reading blogs from across Canada.  Another great way to spend a wintery day.

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  1. It has been WICKED here on the east side of the park today. White out snow mixed with freezing rain/ice pellets!
    Daughter and I spent the morning working on some quilted ornaments and the quilt I'm doing for a Christmas gift. She's a first rate quilter, that one!
    I too love my made from scratch cocoa with real cream.....hmmm, think I'll put a pot on the woodstove right now!
    Stay warm!