Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Early to Bed

We haven't adjusted to the switch from daylight saving time yet.  We are going to be earlier than usual and waking up earlier.  I like the early to bed, early to rise schedule but would like to sleep a bit longer.  Heidi is also off schedule.  It is nice to have it lighter early in the morning again.
We have our first Santa Claus parade coming up later this month.  It is also our great nephews first birthday so we thought we would go for the day.  Nice to do things with children.
I have been working on getting things ready for a couple of craft sales as well as a charity quilt.  Always seems to be something to putter at, doesn't there.
Our snow has melted again and we have had a cold dreary rain all day.  I did finish getting my roses covered, brought in the hummingbird feeders and clothes pegs so I think everything is done outside.
I haven't put anything on my quilt frame in ages.  I have two small quilts to get done so perhaps will get them loaded this week.  Working on that makes a nice change from sitting at the machine.
Have your started your Christmas preparations yet?

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