Thursday, November 6, 2014


We seem to be stuck in rain mode here in the back woods.  I can't remember a day recently when it has been precipitation free.  It isn't a heavy rainfall.  More like a steady drizzle; too much for a walk and not enough to make it interesting.
I was in Huntsville yesterday doing some shopping. I was trying to match up some fabric for a quilt I was working on.  I thought I had more than I did  and ran short of about half a meter.   I couldn't find what I wanted so now will have to try on line.
While I was in my car getting ready for traffic to clear so I could leave my parking space, I witnessed a collision.  The vehicle in front of me had already moved from its space a bit so it was slightly angled into the driving line when I heard a horn honk followed by a car flying past me and into the other.  The driver of the car pulling out hadn't stopped and the other one didn't slow down.  They smashed into each other with bits of car parts flying into the air-and continued on down the street.  I didn't see that either one had pulled over anywhere.
I don't know why the driver that honked hadn't tried to stop.  Obviously he/she saw the other vehicle.
Anyway, that was my excitement for the day.

Our local quilt store has just moved into a bigger location so we are all looking forward to them being able to expand their products.  It is nice to have a shop reasonable close.  Huntsville is our closest reasonably sized community and we go there for the majority of our shopping.  The next store is more than an hour away so I do hope our local one is able to stay open.

Tomorrow is my Fiction Friday and I have a serialized story for you called the Quilting Detective.
Hope you like it.

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