Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Snow Squalls?

We, once again, have snow squall warnings here in the backwoods.  They seem to happen every day so I am not sure if there really is bad weather around us or those responsible for notifications are worried about being sued. We have had a few moments here and there when the wind gusts and the air is snow filled but I wouldn't say that it was a cause to check the supplies and hunker down.  Perhaps I will be more appreciative of the forecast tomorrow when I am on the road rather than snug in our rural rug.
We just got back from our walk.  No matter the conditions; other than freezing rain, I need to get outside and move around.  I love going through our bush as it looks lovely and shelters us from much of the snow falls.
Our little Heidi came back with her legs looking like they had mushrooms growing all over them.  The snow sticks so thickly to her hair that I keep thinking it will slow her down.  Hasn't happened yet though.  She still dashes thither and yon as much as she can at the end of her leash.  We use a long one on our property so she has some freedom.  When we got home, I popped her into the sink to wash off the snow and then decided to give her a bit of a bath.  She is laying in front of the wood stove now getting dry and warm.
I have been working on another small quilt with tumbler blocks.  I just finished a little table top and like the pattern so much that I am doing another.  It is nice to have something simple to work on that is quickly finished.  It also give me a project on which I can use the million or so 5 inch squares that I have accumulated.  As I am only using one of each colour/print, I will still have a couple or three left over.
Tomorrow I am going shopping but will try and stay away from fabric stores.

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