Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bionic Woman

I feel a little like the bionic woman right now.  I have been hooked up with a portable heart monitor as I have been having some 'events'.  I have always had a jumpy heart beat but it has been a bit worse than usual lately so thought it was time to get it checked.  Wearing this thing makes you very aware of what your heart is doing.  Beating at the moment which is good.
I am trying to work up the energy to do another row on my quilt.  I am feeling tired today because I woke up to early.  I soon will be one of the older people who lie down for a nap in the afternoon.  Funny how we end our lives the way we started, isn't it.
It has ben really windy here and we thought our hydro might go off but fortunately not-so far.  I am always amazed at how the little birds manage to fly when the wind is strong enough to bend a tree.
We have been talking about Christmas on a couple of on line groups.  Hubby got the outside decorations up yesterday and I will get him to bring in the totes with the indoor stuff soon.  I have a nice stack of things made for the craft sale this weekend.  I will finish everything up tomorrow.
Now, I think I better get at that quilt in the frame.  If I leave it too long, I won't remember how to do everything again.
Stay warm, safe and dry.

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  1. Hopefully ,you will be o k
    . I wore one of those years ago and they said my heart raced, never did do any thing about it so I guess it's normal