Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life Story.

Another lovely day.  I baked, cleaned and did laundry.  Then I went for a nice long walk with our Heidi.  There are a lot of leaves on the ground and it was nice walking through them and hearing the rustle.  Heidi and her Velcro hair picks up a lot of them and brought them home.  She is going in for a trim tomorrow so that should reduce the problem.
We will be in October in another couple of days.  I am glad we are getting a nice start to the fall and hope it continues for a bit.  I do look forward to winter and less activities but it is nice to have the warmer weather.  I still have some fall bulbs to plants in a new area I want to develop.

Tomorrow husband and I are going to have a day out.  We are going north this time to North Bay.  There are some second had stores I would like to check out and see if there is anything that is begging to come home with us.
Thurs. I hope to get back at my quilting.  I have a top to quilt, two other quilts to put together and a bunch of others I want to make.  Story of our lives isn't it?  This press of ideas and shortage of time isn't limited to quilter's either.  I heard an artist say the same things.  She had so many pictures she wanted to paint and was sure she would never get half them done.
I hope you are getting some nice weather where you live.

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