Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Preserving our Bounty

We are having a nice plus 16, sunny day.  Hubby and I just got back from a nice long with  our Heidi. We were following the tracks of a momma moose and baby down our driveway and then back up my sister's lane.  They are probably living in the wetlands that adjoin the two properties.
I don't think the fall colours are going to be as nice this year but the leaves are well under way.  We went to Huntsville again this morning as I had an optometrist appoint.  It was quite foggy and, as we were going down the hill into the town the combination of mist and sun made the lake appear as though it were molten silver.  Beautiful.  There wasn't anywhere to stop and take a photo but it would have been a lovely photo had I been able.
I am taking part in a virtual quilt retreat that is hosted by the Quilt Pattern Magazine on Oct.5th (think that is the date)  We have been given fabric requirements and cutting instructions so far and, I guess, more steps will be revealed as we get closer to the date.  On the day of the retreat, we will be able to share our quilt progress and take part in other activities.  It is free so if you would like to check it out, go to Pattern Pastiche for details.
I have got my fabric cut and now can go back to working on the quilt challenge I am doing with my on line group.
Hope you are enjoying these days that are leading away from the busy summer season.  I am probably just as busy now-maybe more so, but I really enjoy it.  I love preserving time with the shelves and freezer filling up with jams, jellies etc.  I am doing a small bushel of apples today so they will be ready for baking.  Hubby has other apples that he will be getting ready for applesauce. I am going to surprise him with baked apples for dessert tonight.  Shh

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