Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fabric Challenge

It is getting cooler in our backwoods home.  We are in the single digits at night which makes for a good  rest cuddled under an extra quilt.  We have been bringing our tomatoes in on a regular basis as soon as they are ripe or nearly so.  We are fighting some creature for the rights to our vegetable and, if we don't get to them first, we find a bite in them.  I suspect our varmit is a squirrel.
I made some chili sauce on Saturday and have enough tomatoes for another batch.  Then I will freeze the rest of the tomatoes for stew, soups and casseroles.
I am hoping that we don't get Alberta's weather although it usually arrives here a couple of weeks after they experience it.  They have snow already.  Quite a bit of it.  Because the trees still have their leaves, the snow will weigh them down and that can result in a lot of breakage. When we were living there, there was a nasty snow storm in late May that did tremendous damage.
I am making good progress on my book.  The second chapter is started and my schedule is to finish that this week. 
I issued a fabric challenge to our local quilt group yesterday.  This is something you can do by yourself if you wish.  Send me an e mail and I will give you the details of the challenge.  You will get a free pattern to go with it.
Today is my one thousandth post.  I feel I should do something to celebrate.

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