Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quilt Sale

What a beautiful day.  It has been hard staying indoors but I have a sewing job that needs to be completed before Friday.  I have, therefore, been keeping my feet tucked under the sewing table.  I have also done a bit of quilting and a bit of writing.  Took the dog for a quick walk to the pond and watched the ducks splash about.  The trees at the back of the property have some colour at the top and it was reflected in the water.  Very lovely and very peaceful.  After a quick walk around, it was back to the office.  I will be stopping soon to get supper.
I have a 25% off on my quilts.  You can see many of them by going to going to my Facebook page and following the link or click on the tab below "My quilts are for Sale " on the right side of this page.
I also have other quilts available so if you don't see anything you like, contact me.
Now, get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  It isn't going to last.

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