Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cold Day

Boy, it is cold out today.  I just got back from taking Heidi for a walk and we hadn't gone far before I was wishing I had put on a hat and warmer coat.  We didn't go far not like Tues when we covered a couple of kilometers.
I am glad I did get outside though.  I find that my mind starts to feel blah if I don't get some fresh air every day.  It had been raining quite heavily early in the day but just cleared up so I took advantage of it.  I am surprised that we didn't lose some trees overnight as there was a very strong wind.
I did get some baking done today.  Not as much as I planned as I didn't seem to have the energy.  However, some carrot muffins and a dessert for supper are now in the fridge.
  I have had some nice comments about my free pattern.  If you didn't read yesterdays post, the photo and instructions are there.  I also posted a fabric challenge the day before.  The point of the challenge is to take you out of your fabric comfort zone.  The free pattern makes up quickly so it would be great for a last minute gift. 
I would love to see your version if you make it.

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