Thursday, September 4, 2014

Quilt Patterns.

I had a question regarding the quilting pattern I used on the one to the right of the photo in the last post.  The reader asked if it was a free hand or a commercial pantograph.  I share with her what I had done and then thought others might like to know as well.
I often buy stencils that are meant for hand quilting because I like the design.  I then trace it on multiple sheets of paper which are taped together horizontally to make a design to be used with my frame machine.  The double heart pattern on that quilt was one of those designs.
When you have a machine that can only quilt a small vertical area, it is sometimes hard to get designs.  Many patterns are now digital for use with a computerized set up.  I don't have that either so, again, my method provides me with more options.
If you don't mind using the printer ink, you can just make multiple photocopies of  the first tracing you make and then tape them together.

Made my first preserves today.  I did no- sugar jam and some  pickled beets.  Got lots more things to make but this gives me a start.  The jam was really easy and turned out well.  Next job is my chili sauce.

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