Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Free Pattern

It is pouring.  Rain was predicted but only a millimetre or two.  We exceeded that in the first minute.  I am glad it held off until hubby got back from picking up the addition to our laying flock that replaces the hens taken by a fox.  The old truck doesn't have very reliable windshield wipers and sometimes they work and sometimes not.  We probably need another motor but as we rarely use it, it hasn't seemed to be worth the time and effort to get one.
I have been working at a couple of scrappy quilt's today.  The one has a lot of little pieces so I like to have something else to alternate. 
I also finished cutting up a bushel of apples and got some of them in the freezer.  I have made apple sauce with the rest which will also be froze.  The tomatoes are starting to fall off the vine even though they aren't ripe.  I have been picking them and putting them on a table outside to ripen.  They have just got a really good wash.
I found a pattern on line that you might find worth checking out.  It is great for using all those fat quarters you've bought and haven't yet used.  The pattern is at:  Go to Free Patterns and look for Wickedly Easy Quilts.  The blocks are 16 inches so the top will go together quickly. Enjoy.

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