Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Molasses is a Syrup?

I am getting really fidgety because I haven't been able to do any quilting since Monday.  I should have lots of time tomorrow though.  It is unusual to have had so little time at the machine as it is rare that I don't get to quilt every day.  Hopefully, tomorrow gets me back to routine.
We had a lovely day shopping, hubby and I. I don't usually make it for very long as I prefer being at home but I hung in and we did have a good time.  Came home with a few items including a really tall storage unit.  It is the kind that has clear plastic drawers that can be used for storing fat quarters, fabric that has been cut for a quilt, etc. etc.  I got it for $8.00 so a real bargain.
Heidi was at her personal groomer and she was waiting for us when we got back home.  She had a hair cut and nails trimmed and was looking spiffy.  We had a easy supper and watched the news.

I had to buy a couple of grocery items while we were in North Bay which resulted in one of my frustrations.  It always seems that my idea of what category a food item is under and that of the person who does grocery store layout is never the same.  I've always considered applesauce to be a fruit the same as peaches etc. and, therefore would be in the canned fruit section.  It isn't.  It is in baking supplies.  On the other hand molasses which says 'cooking molasses' on it, is with syrups such as maple and corn.  Corn syrup I would also think would be in the cooking section.  Do people drink it?  Put it on pancakes? Yuck.  I don't use it at all but, if I did, it would be in butter tarts or something.
I find it so frustrating to look up and down the logical aisle and not find a product.  Then you have to locate a staff person.
Ah, well.  At least, thinking positively, we live in a country where we can get those things.

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