Tuesday, September 3, 2013

After the Fair

Husband and I did well at the local fair yesterday.  The weather was rather miserable with weak sunshine alternating with drizzle and monsoon downpours.  People did persevere and, by mid afternoon,  walking around outside was nice.
I had spent a couple of hours helping an organization that was selling food so my husband came in later so we could walk around together.  Our first stop was the fair entries and we were pleased to see that we had won a number of prizes.  As it was a last minute decision to participate, we were glad to have done so well.  I have already made a list of the categories I am interested in for next year!
I am working on another charm quilt today.  I have half the blocks done and am having to hunt through my fabric stash to cut more squares.  While I am doing that, I am starting to organize the shelves.
Ever since moving into my new studio, I have just been stuffing my material onto the shelves until I had all my storage units in place.  As that is now done, I can start the sorting and folding. I have, over the years, found a system that works for me.  Most fabrics are put in piles according to colour i.e. all the greens go in one section, all the red in another etc.  I don't worry about shades or types of pattern.  Some may be dark, others light.  Patterns, plains and stripes are all together if they share a predominate colour. There are a few exceptions.  Landscape fabric such as pebbles, tree bark, sky go together regardless of colour. Panels are also kept separate.  If I have bought a number of  fabrics from the same designer and pattern i.e. Stonehenge,  I keep them together.  I might not use them all in the same quilt but I usually do.
This block is an example.  All the fabric is from the same designer.  I am afraid I can't tell you who it is although I suspect Northcott, as I used up all but a couple of small bits.

I am sure we all have our own methods of sorting our fabric.  What is yours?  Send me a comment telling of your preference and why and I will share your ideas on my blog.

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