Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quilting Woes

I got quite a few rows completed yesterday on the quilt I have in the frame.  For a while, I was wondering if I was going to get anything accomplished at all.  The top thread kept breaking so I made sure the machine was threaded correctly, check; no lint or other grunge, check;  make sure frame is level, check; loosen tension, check;  get irritated with machine, double check.  Nothing seemed to make any difference.  I'd sew a few inches and then  hear a change in the sound.  Turn off the speed control and take a look to confirm what I knew had happened.
Finally, I changed the thread.  I had another spool of the same colour but different brand and it has worked without problem.  The original spool is one I have used in the past but I guess it just decided to take a sabbatical.  I will move it to the rack that holds the thread for the table machine.
When everything works properly, a person can quilt a top very quickly.  When it doesn't...

Often when we look at different or newer equipment, we do so believing that if we owned such a wonderful item, turning out quilts that would make others gasp in amazement would be a simple matter of waving a hand.  The reverse is frequently the case.  Everything has its problems and short comings.  Everything has a learning curve.

I am thrilled to have a frame and machine.  It is quicker and less work than quilting on a regular machine. But, it is not trouble free.  Nothing is.

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  1. I get so frustrated with thread! Honestly, Guterman is the only brand that works well in my Janome.