Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Storage Area

Another busy day.  We took our entries for the fair over this morning, did a couple of other odds and ends and then stopped at a garage sale on the way home. 
We got these cabinets for  $50.00.   As soon as we got home and brought everything in, I took the legs off my frame and replaced them with the cabinets.  I am really pleased with the result.  More storage space, my frame is level and steady and everything is about 2 inches higher which is perfect for my height.
I am going to turn the center cabinet around so it faces the other way so I can access the drawers when the quilt I am working on hangs over everything.  It isn't really a problem because they will be holding backing fabric and tops waiting to be quilted so I may decide to leave it as is.
Now I am taking things that were in small totes and putting them in the drawers that held the things that are now in the cabinet.  One of the smaller sections has a lovely area where I can put all my specialty rulers.  They were in a drawer and I could never find anything without first taking everything out.
My studio seems to be in a constant state of change but it all results in improvements.  Thank goodness I have a wonderful, patient husband.

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