Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lime Green!

It has been a beautiful day here in the back woods.  The weather was sunny but not hot, no bugs and we are retired.  Husband removed some shrubs and trees from an area near the house that we want to utilize.  Our little lawn area is getting smaller as we plant apple trees, transplant oak, a maple and a birch to provide shade and fruit.  We thought it would be nice to have an area where we could sit that would be shaded; perhaps put up  a gazebo or bug tent.
While he was doing that, I baked cookies.  I made 10 dozen oatmeal/peanut butter ones from a recipe that I changed/improved.
I finished the quilt that was in the frame and added borders to another top.  I had to spend about half an hour doing some adjusting to the top as one side was almost an inch longer than the other.  Not sure how that happened as they were all the same size before I put them into rows.  Possibly some of the seam allowances weren't accurate.  It doesn't take much to make a difference when a little bit is multiplied.
You might be a bit horrified when I tell you that my borders are a narrow grape colour with a wider lime green but I am pleased with the effect.  It really seems to accent the blocks which are scrappy.
I am looking forward to quilting this one and think I might do it freehand.  I will have to practice a bit first as I have used patterns for the past year or so.

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