Friday, September 20, 2013

Love Bears

Our trees are really changing colour quickly now.  Unfortunately,  they are also starting to drop.  Is this a sign of an early winter, I wonder?  I don't mind although I haven't started to get ready for the cold season yet.  There is yard work yet to be done and my summer clothes are still in the closet and on my back.
I have started quilting a baby quilt panel today.  I am doing a pattern called Love Bears which is teddies in a row holding hearts.  I lines that indicate how you sew indicate you do the bear legs and then the top of the heart all the way across.  On the return trip you do the bottom of the heart and the top of the bear.  The result is quite attractive.  I am doing the rows so one line of bears face the top and the next, the bottom.  I am not skilled-or brave, enough to just miss a space and do all the ones facing one way, re roll the top and do the others.
I prefer just turning the pattern around and realigning at the end of each row.  Slower but less likely to goof it up.

The quilt will be a gift for a great nephew and I hope his mother doesn't read my blog!

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