Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This is the view from the west facing studio window.  This is what I see when I am sitting at the computer or sewing table if I turn my head in the correct direction.
The first photo was taken through a misty window and I love the subdued look.  It makes me think of the song words (although it is the wrong time of day)" In the misty moonlight, by the flickering firelight etc."
I have been doing some reading about photography techniques lately as I am trying to increase my skills.  I need to take good shots for my magazine articles and for my quilt patterns.  I also enjoy photography.  It is one of those family traits.  My father was a good photographer, most of my sibs enjoy it and the son of one sister is a professional.  My husband also has a niece who does portrait photography for a living.
I don't have a top of the line camera but it is adequate.  Our trees are almost at their colour peak so I will be getting a lot more practice. I plan on going down to the pond early in the morning one day this week so I can get a photo of the mist coming from it and, of course, I have to do my annual "Heidi in the Leaves" shot.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful Ann! The colors are breathtaking.
    I have a high end camera now and absolutely HATE it. There is too much to think about before pushing the button. How I long for my cheap little old (point and shoot) Kodak that took amazing photos. Too bad I dropped it in the lake....