Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fabric for Sale

We got quite a bit of work done today.  The vinyl siding had got pretty grungy with an accumulation of dirt and, on the north side, some green stuff (algae?).  It was one of those jobs, like cleaning the dryer vent and the bottom drawer of the fridge that kept getting put off.  Today was a nice day so out came the hose, bucket and clothes and off came the grunge.  Husband also rid of some brush while I made bread and sorted through a tote of dressmaking fabric.
I have quite a pile of fabric that I am never going to use so I will measure and fold then sell it on EBay or somewhere similar.
If I don't use what I saved within a year, it is going as well.  However, if I do get it all made into clothes, they won't fit into my closet.
I've almost got another quilt top done.  I think I will send the pattern for this one to a magazine.
Do you subscribe to or buy Quilter's Connection?  I have an article on back basting in this month's issue.

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