Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Labour Day Weekend.

Here is a better photo of the quilt top I finished yesterday.  I think it turned out alright although working with so many bias edges was a bit of a challenge.
I have accomplished quite a bit today.  Bread is in the oven.  I debated the wisdom of cooking when it has been so warm but I needed the bread for my fair entry.  As it turns out, it is quite a bit cooler. 
I washed a load of laundry and hung it outside this morning.  It started to spit rain earlier so I brought some back inside but I could have left it out as the weather is still alright.  I don't know why I brought in some and not all.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Now all my scheduled tasks are finished, I want to make a thread catcher to hang beside my machine frame.  It will be handy for all the bits of thread that are trimmed from the quilt while sewing.  It doesn't need to be very big so making it should only take a few minutes.
I had to phone our vet this morning because yesterday we noticed Heidi's rabies tag was missing-we call it her 'bling'.  There is a contact number on it if the unthinkable happens and she goes missing.  I think I am also going to get a name tag made for her with our phone number on it.
Do be careful if you are on the road this weekend.  Remember that if you are travelling at a 100 km. and you are distracted for only a second, your car will travel a long distance with no one in control. 
Try this test when you have a passenger in the car.  When you are at highway speed, have them count one thousand and one and note just how far the vehicle has gone by the time they finish speaking.  Now imagine the distance covered while you look down to send a text, change the radio station etc.
One more safety fact.  It takes  SEVEN seconds to bring your car to a complete stop when you are going 100km. A few seconds are spent recognizing a hazard, another few moving your foot from the gas to brake and the rest in stopping.  You will have travelled the length of a football field in that time. 

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