Monday, August 5, 2013

A Simple Block

Back at quilt group today and my sister came with me which made it doubly nice.  I did some sewing on the quilt binding with an attitude.  I still can't get it right and un sewed some of it again.  For some reason it keeps getting lumps.  I suspect it is the border so will take another look at it.  It does seem to be just on the one side-so far anyway.
After I gave up on that, I started to work on an idea I saw on a you tube video.  It was a method of making quick blocks from a tube.  The tube was made by first sewing together 2 strips 2.5 inches wide by width of fabric. Another strip that is the width of the other two joined is placed on top and the 3 are sewn together lengthwise on either side forming a tube.
The next step was where I got stuck because I had to cut out pie shaped sections.  I couldn't remember how to place my ruler to get the shape.  A ten minute block turned into double the time.
When I got home, I took another look at the video-light bulb moment.  I needed a square ruler! Place the diagonal line that bisects the ruler on one seam line, cut either side for the first block and then on the one for remaining ones.  Open up and press.  You have a block with 2 stripes on one half and plain on other.  Voila.  Simple. A ten minute block.
If you would like to see the video, it is another of those on the Missouri Star quilts site.
Here is the link.


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