Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall Fair Time

It is, once again, fall fair time.  I usually enter things in two of them and discovered, to my surprise, that one is this weekend.  The other one is on the labour day weekend and is our local event. 
I won't be entering anything in the first as I don't have time.  I am disappointed because I like to support the fairs and it is fun seeing how you did.  I usually win a number of ribbons along with the prize money.
If I hustle, I will be able to get things together for the local fair.  Fortunately, you can enter the same things for two years so that is what I will be doing.
My husband usually enters his maple syrup and some of his garden produce as well as some wood work.  I guess he is going to have to hustle as well.
I better enter the fair dates on my calendar for next year so I am better prepared.  My sister and I were talking about brain cells dying and being replaced.  I think my replacement ones are lacking in the organizing skills that my old cells had!


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