Thursday, August 1, 2013

Scotties and Quilts

My sister and her husband brought me this lovely Scottie dog biscuit tin.  Isn't it cute.
We got another down pour last night but the sun is out now.  My husband is getting ready to take our young turkeys to a friends barn, I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and our company are off to their property to take photos.
We have to keep writing things down on the calendar so we can keep track of what we are doing and want to do.  We are going to have a family barbecue on the 12th as my sister hasn't yet met our nephew's children so will have to think about food for that.  Saturday evening our neighbour is having her yearly jamboree (she is a musician) so we will be going to that.
On the quilting front; I am still working on the binding of one quilt, doing the quilting on another and still deciding the layout of a third.  Blocks are arriving for the charity quilt an on line group are giving to a flood victim in central Ontario.  So, as always, I am busy.
Heidi is having a grand time with all the extra petting and attention

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