Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quilting Marathon.

I am in quilt frenzy mode.  I have been steadily sewing on the quilt that will be given to a couple who suffered massive damage to their home in a flood.  I want to get the top done and in the mail this week-tomorrow is my target.  I probably would be closer to being finished had I not lost a block.  I made an extra one and then couldn't find it.  I finally gave up and made another. 
I then got two sides of the border sewn on and decided it needed another inner border so removed them.  I think I have finished all the adjustments and should be finished soon.
Do you design a top in stages or do you know what you are doing from the beginning and stick to the plan? I sometimes will start with an idea and then continue without changing it but I , just as often, start with an idea that is something completely different by the time I finish.
This change could occur because of the fabric-not enough, wrong colour, or simply because I come up with something that works and looks better.\
It is another scorcher today.  We were concerned that our tomatoes wouldn't ripen but this weeks heat and sunshine has take away that worry.

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