Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bears and Fairs

Lots of new stuff happening here in the backwoods.  Yesterday while I was at quilt group, my husband removed a portion of the wall between my studio and the hall in the main part of the house.  This will allow extra light into the hall as well as heat into the studio.  There is cosmetic work to be done to finish it and then I think I will put a study curtain rod over the opening that I can use to hang quilts for photographing. Another big plus for the doorway is quick access to the second toilet.  'Nuff said about that.
I have some minor rearranging to do now that I have the new photography area.  A wall that had previously been reserved for that purpose can be used to hang some gadgets.
It is fall fair time.  Husband and I put together our entry list and he is delivering it to the fair secretary this morning.  I only have five items this year which is down drastically from 2012.  I just didn't have time to put anything together.
We had a black bear at our front door last week.  I didn't see it but was awoken by my husband's hollering.  It was a young bear that, I suspect, was having its first year on its own as this is only the second time we have had one near the house.  I didn't see the other one either.  My husband and dog scared it off.
I told him he needs to let me get a photograph before he protects the homestead!

We had a cracking thunder and rain storm Monday night and a lot of people were without hydro for part of the day.  Ours went off sometime through the night but only briefly.

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