Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We saw a monarch butterfly today!  First one this year.  They really have been scarce, haven't they?  We have a friend with a lot of milk weed plants and he has only had two monarch's.  We tried to start some milkweed without success.  Figures.  No-one else can get rid of them and we can't start them.
We had the same story with beavers.  We want beavers for our pond, no-one else wants them within a mile.  We can't get them.  Do they suspect we aren't  native ruralite's?
There was quite a rain fall here earlier in the day and a lot of tornado sightings to the south of us.  The weather has certainly been variable.
The fabric I ordered recently was at the post office when we went to pick up the mail today so now I have more material to fondle.  I am planning on making another of the Dropped Charms quilt patterns that I got on the Missouri Star quilt Co. site.  They are quick and easy to make so make a nice project to do between more complicated patterns.
My sister was able to get some more information to help in her house building today which was good.  Every little bit of information helps.

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