Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nurse Heidi

.Are you being affected by the latest snow storm?  We aren't.  So far, anyway.  We have been getting a very light snow shower-a cross between rain and snow.  It is 2 degrees above freezing so there is a bit of melting going on as well.  Roger was going to start tapping the trees today but it is heavy going in the bush and he has to be very careful not to put any strain on the area of his incision so best to leave it until next week.
We went into the village this morning to do some odds and ends incase we do get snowed in.  I got my hair cut, picked up the mail and a few other errends.  Helped husband get in wood when we got home and then took Heidi for a walk.  I usually do that mid afternoon but as I already had outdoor clothes on, I figured I might as well do everything at once.  Yesterday, I bought a harness that I hoped would curtail the pulling when she was on the leash and I wanted to try that out as well.
It really  helped.  I am pleased as the pulling was hard on my arms and her neck.  Trying to get her to heel was a constant battle and wasn't fun for either of us.  The other reason I was especially glad today is that there is ice under the snow and I had to be careful where I walked.  If she had been pulling me as well, it would have increased the danger.  As it turned out, I didn't need her help to slip.  As we were coming back up the drive, my right foot when out and down I went on that knee.  I had let Heidi run once we got to the driveway and I was afraid she might take off if she spotted an animal so I called her back while I was still on the ground.  I wasn't sure she would obey as she isn't always the most obedient dog.  Next thing I knew, she was licking my face.  She stayed with me as I got up and kept checking as I slowly made my way up the hill and to the house.  Once inside, she got a nice piece of bacon.
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