Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What a Rigamarole

I am a tad fussed today.  I was told to make a follow up appointment with the opthamologist after my op but when I phoned, I was advised it should be with my optometrist.  told surgeon's office I had already paid for the follow up, she said e mail the Dr. as he is no longer with us and ask for a refund.  Did that and made an eye exam appointment for Thurs.  Got reply from the Dr. saying I needed to do the follow up with one who did op and he was sending them an e mail.  Got a call this morning asking if I could come to their office today.  No, I have to make too many arrangements and car isn't starting.  Made appointment for next week.  Asked if I should cancel opt. appointment.  She said 'hold for a moment'.  I now have an appointment tomorrow with the surgeon and have cancelled the one with the optometrist.  Good grief.
We had 6 visitors this morning.  The deer are getting closer to the house and nibbling on the branches of the small shrubs.
Don't forget to check yesterdays post for the free pattern.

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