Friday, February 8, 2013

SP's ?

Happy Friday.  I was out early taking the car in for service as the starting problem persisted.  They replaced the ignition and washed the car all without charge.  The vehicle is still under warranty but the wash is extra so that it was nice of them to include it.  Good service isn't always given anymore.
We are getting some snow in this area but nothing compared to what is predicted for south of us.  We don't have anywhere to go for a couple of days so we can stay snug in our bug rug.
I am getting some more work done on my WIP's (works in progress).  I got the binding on a lap quilt and the backing on a set of placemats.  Perhaps today, I will finish organizing my fabric cupboard as I have a tote full of material that is still waiting for its home.
Speaking of WIP, shouldn't there be a short form for work started but has been sitting around for months/years.  Perhaps, SP for stagnant project or stalled project might work.
I am enjoying another advantage of my new quilt room.  As there are windows on three sides, I can see outdoors while working on the computer. I particularly appreciate being able to look down the driveway.  We don't have a lot of company and the dog usually warms us if anyone is within a few miles but it is still nice to have the view.  This is especially true this time of year as the deer use this path of least resistance while moving from the neighbours to our place.
What a humongous difference from Edmonton when our most exciting view was the latest collision!
Blessings, and if you are in the area affected by the storm, stay safe.  A missed appointment is better than a wrecked car or worse.

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