Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nature All Around

I was supposed to go for my follow up check up today but cancelled because the car still isn't running properly and there is a snow storm predicted for the south.  We have found that the storms tend to miss the south and come to our area.  Nice to know that even snow prefers the north country!
I am re booked for next week and earlier in the day so that should be better.
I took our Heidi for a walk recently and finally was able to find a set of booties that would stay on her feet.  And, of course, she is colour co-ordinated. 
We are getting a lot more deer hanging around the house now.  They usually do start getting closer this time of year.  We have a herd of seven that are enjoying the twigs.  These two were part of the group that was just a few feet from the house.

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