Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Thorns in Nature

All the medical appointments are finally finished.  I got an 'all clear' report on my check up yesterday so that was good news.  Roger has an appointment at the end of the month to get his stitches removed but he is relatively pain free.
We went out together to tend to the chickens this morning and found a horrible sight.  A weasel had got into one of the coops and killed all 6 of the hens.  The ones in the other house are all fine but my husband feels so bad at the way the others have had their lives ended.  Nature isn't always baby deer prancing through the forest and lovely sunsets!
We went into the village today to do some odds and ends and I picked up a device that would make my modem wireless so I could move it to a spot where I would get stronger reception from the tower.  Got it installed, moved it to various points around the house without any success.  Took it back to its original spot and all those little green and blue lights twinkled back to life.  So, back goes the device. Different isn't always better.
I am planning on getting back to some quilting today.  I am working on a quilt that will eventually be donated somewhere.  I am thinking that it might be nice for a child that is moving into a Habitat for Humanity home.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Please accept my appreciation for you and this virtual bouquet of roses and box of chocolates.

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