Thursday, February 21, 2013


I haven't welcomed the new followers of this blog for a while so I would like to do that.  I now have 75 people who have signed up and I know there are quite a lot more who read but haven't registered.
When I started writing this after our move here to the backwoods from the bustling city of Edmonton, it was with the purpose of keeping my friends up on what was happening in our lives.  It went from there to including quilting stuff which is, of course, my main filler of time. 
We obtained our little dog Heidi, a flock of chickens, added outbuildings and an addition since those early postings. I joined the village quilt group and the local Economic Development Committee which I now chair.  I also started writing for the area newspaper as well as a couple of quilt magazines.
A major development in my quilting life has been learning to applique.  Those that know me well were almost as surprised as me to find that I have become addicted to this once hated method.
In addition to the blog, I also have a web page ( and hope you check it out once in a while as I have free patterns as well as some for sale.  I am gradually adding tutorials.
You have been with me-literally, through sickness and health, death of family members, Internet problems, car problems, successes and failures.
Sometimes, I feel I have nothing to say but I do try to be consistent in my postings as I find it annoying to keep checking the ones I've followed and find that they haven't don't anything different for days on end.  So, even if I bore you, I hope you find me dependable.  If I am not able to post, it is because the hydro is down.  Any other down times, I let you know, if at all possible.
Thank you for your faithfulness and your comments.  It is encouraging to know that you are there.  Many of you are from other countries in the world.  Because of that, I do include a bit about the weather or local goings on. If you are a a recent reader, you may wish to check out previous posts for the free patterns.  I need to get them all in one place and will do so when I figure that out.
I am not sure how long I will keep doing this.  I expect I won't be stopping any time soon as I am a writer at heart and, therefore, love to communicate.


  1. 75 followers - what an accomplishment - congratulations!! Yours is the first blog I check every morning and you never disappoint! Hope you keep blogging for a long, long time!!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and sometimes feel like I'm walking along side of you in the country.