Friday, February 22, 2013

Free Draw

I have had so many nice comments regarding this blog that I thought today I should do something extra special.  Of course, my mind is a blank and I can't think of anything.  So, if you don't mind,  I will ramble a bit until my mind gets in gear.
Yesterday my husband, westiepoo Heidi and I went for a walk through the bush.  Our neighbour had gone through with his snowmachine so we had a nice trail to follow with only the occasional loss of balance.  Roger enjoys looking at all the tracks and spying out the changes in the scenery.  I like looking at things while keeping up a fairly good pace so I can get some exercise.  Heidi likes dashing around with ears flying and investigating smells.  Our differing preferences result in some interesting comments.  Husband: Look at this track (as he stops).  Me: (whizzing past) Yes, that's interesting.  Both of us:  Heidi! Sit! Wait for us.
We get a bit more co-ordinated on the snowshoes as Roger is more adept so I follow him.  Heidi, of course, continues to dash.
We are noticing some definate signs of spring.  The snow is starting to move away from the base of the trees which means the sap is moving.  We are going to start tapping the trees on Saturday.

Okay, enough rambling.  Here is the special.  Everyone who sends me a comment next week will have their name entered in a draw.  If you also 'like' my facebook page:
you will get an additional entry. 
The prize: a free pattern.  I may include a fat quarter or some charms to sweeten the pot.


  1. I so enjoy reading your blog, most of the time when I see some of your posts I just take a few minutes to dream about living in the country and being able to see all the wild life from my window. I also have a dog like yours, she is a bison frise/ poodle mix.

  2. Hi Anna,

    I enjoy reading your blog everyday. Lots of your thoughts are similar to mine as we too live in the country and have a dog and a cat as pets.

    Our weather is similar to yours, but the other day when you were having sun, we were still having snow, but sometimes it is reversed.

    I love winter too, but do not venture out as much for winter activities as you do. But I do not mind being snowbound, even without hydro for a short time. I am storing my sister-in-law's treadle sewing machine, waiting for a no hydro day to play on it, but it has not happened this winter yet. I do not like too many non sun days as I think sun motivates me somewhat.
    Keep on writing please.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. Hi Anna,

    I so miss my country home with quilt studio looking out into the woods and my trails for winter and summer use. I live vicarious through you, so please keep up the writing and picture taking.
    Deb in Chatham

  4. Snowshoeing (is this even spelt correctly)is something I wanted to learn this winter but life has gotten in the way and it is definitely something I will do next winter. You are so fortunate to be living in the country and enjoy the countryside. Good luck with the tree tapping.

  5. Just started doing some applique - not great at it -- but will keep plugging - yours is beautiful - love your blog.

  6. Anna, great job on the applique of the country bride.

    Don't know if this will go, I'm having trouble posting. :(

    Andrea in Woodstock