Monday, December 17, 2012

Change of Plans.

I didn't expect I would be here to post anything this week but, here I am.  We had to cancel our trip to England at the last minute because my husband got ill.  I am not feeling one hundred percent myself but am able to function which is good because the chickens need tending, wood brought in etc.
We are both very disappointed which is putting it mildly.  It takes me a long time to mentally get ready to leave my home and I was at that point when everything came crashing to a halt.
Of course, it is not just us that is affected.  My nephew, whose wedding was the reason for all this, is now short an usher.  To make matters worse a number of other people have also cancelled because of illness, falls etc.  I won't even go into the financial repercussions.
So, we are all trying to adjust.  In our case, we are trying to focus on the coming Christmas.  My husband is still in bed but has a doctor's appointment for tomorrow.
Prayers for us all would be appreciated.
To put everything in perspective, is the horrible news from Connecticut regarding the mass shooting of all those little children as well as 6 adults.  Everything else pales beside that.


  1. Hi Anna,

    I'm so sorry you had to cancel you trip. You both must be very disappointed. Hope good health returns soon and you can enjoy your Christmas in Canada, although it looks like we will not have much snow. That suits our family as most of us are travelling my road around Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to you both.

  2. Oh dear, how awful.

    I do hope you manage to have a healthy, happy Christmas day together though.

    Fiona x

  3. So sorry Anna, What a disappointment. I know you were really looking forward to this trip.
    But - hope hubby is soon feeling better and you have a good Christmas.