Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Photos and Lists

All the snow if gone from the back woods.  We are back to dead leaves and dead appearing trees, however, I do see a few snowflakes fluttering down so perhaps the ground will soon, once more, be white.  It is always a bit dreary when the weather can't make up its mind as to what season it is.
I must admit that, although I love the snow, I won't be too disappointed if it stays warm enough to hold it off until our flight leaves.  After all this preparation, I don't want to be sitting in an airport waiting for the weather to clear.
Yesterday, we got our photos taken for the family calendar.  Our niece is a photographer and she puts together a calendar for her grandparents using pictures of family members.  Our Heidi is going to be included this year and got to do a little posing on her own.
Jayme was good enough to take a few snaps of me so I can use one for my book etc.
I have made a list of things I need to get done today and so far I am making good time.  I am going out after lunch for a hair cut and some 'in town' things and then need to get at the magazine article that needs to be in before we leave.
Hope your personal 'to do' list isn't very long.  Try to find a few minutes here and there to remember why we are doing all this.

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