Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Egg Nog and Bare Ground

I am a day ahead.  All day long, I thought it was Wednesday when, of course, it isn't.  Doesn't really make much difference but it is an odd feeling.  I didn't go to quilt group on Monday because of my husband's illness so that is probably what has thrown me off mental schedule-not that it takes much.
I have just got back from taking dear hubby to the doctor's.  He has bronchitis and was given a prescription for antibiotics.
I hope this speeds him on his way to good health.  I have been sweet and patient now for almost a week and I can hardly stand myself.
We still have a bit of snow on the ground but it is pretty mushy.  We may get a brown and soggy Christmas.  I am going to put out my nativity sets tomorrow to try and get some festive cheer in the house.  I'd sprinkle a little eggnog on the light bulbs if I had any.

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