Thursday, December 6, 2012

Time's A Fleeting

The time is getting closer for our trip to England-a week on Saturday.  I spent an hour trying to get some information from Air Canada without any luck.  They are experiencing higher than normal number of calls.  Isn't that another of those 21st century phrases that are great indication of poor customer service?
I have started to pack.  I never know what to take for clothes.  Doesn't matter if I am going overnight or for an extended stay in another country. And, of course, you never know what the weather will be so you have to allow for various conditions and temperatures.
I finally finished my maple leaf quilt and added the label.  I wanted to do something extra in one corner and just couldn't decide.  Finally appliqued a heart with a name and date embroidered on it. sometimes it is the little extra details that take the longest.
Tomorrow we are taking our wee dog to her caregivers for a pre- visit.  If Irene hasn't seen her for a bit, she likes to have Heidi over for a few hours so she (Heidi) can see that we do return. Irene is an absolute God send.  I hated leaving Heidi at a kennel because she would just bark until she lost her voice.  Most of the other dogs were so much bigger than her so she couldn't be left to play with them which meant she was crated the whole time except for walks.  Not much fun for an energetic little dog.  Irene takes her for an hour walk twice a day and Heidi gets the individual care that she is used to.  Still hate leaving her but I know she will be well looked after.
Sun just came out.  Hurray!

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