Friday, December 7, 2012

Bargain Shopping.

Heidi's Christmas Photos

Evening in the Back Woods

We went to a department store that was closing down and did some shopping today. 
It was an  unplanned trip but when our Heidi's caregiver said she would like to have her for a few hours, we took the opportunity to shop.  Everything was at least 30-40% off so we were able to stock up on essentials such as soup as well as get a new kettle and toaster which we needed.
I hate to see stores closing especially when it means that employees are going to be out of work but the upside is that you can get some discount purchases.
We had a big lunch while we were out so I don't have to cook this evening.  After I get a few house chores done, I can have a relaxing evening.  I have started knitting a sweater as well as a new applique project so lots to do while watching television.

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