Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weddings and Babies

I have been eagerly awaiting, since Sunday, the news of the arrival of a new great nephew.  My youngest sister's daughter's baby was due on the 22nd but has decided to wait a bit longer.  Perhaps he is hoping to coincide with the start of the Olympic games as he is an English baby.  My sister tells me that if nothing has happened by today then things will be hurried along medically.  It was supposed to be a home birth but not it appears that it will now happen in the hospital.
Last month, the same sister celebrated the arrival of another grandchild when her youngest and his wife had a son.
Once the births have all happened, we have a round of weddings.  My other sister's daughter  will be the first to take the trip down the aisle.  The last wedding will take place in December and this will be for the oldest child of my youngest sister. So, you can see, it is going to be a busy time for our family in England this year. 
It does seem as though events are like that, doesn't it.  There is either nothing happening or everything at once.
Our youngest brother has two lovely daughters and I am sure we will be hearing of their engagements soon.
Here in the backwoods, life is much less exciting.  My husband is making progress on the addition to our home and I am muddling along doing housework and quilting.  Soon it will be fall fair time so I need to start thinking about my entries.
I mentioned previously that I am redoing my web site.  If you would like a preview, go to: http://arkangelcreations.weebly.com.  Let me know what you think.  Any changes you would like to see?

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