Friday, July 13, 2012

The Smell of Contentment

   While we were driving around last night trying to find a road that no longer had a highway sign, we passed a number of fields where the farmers had cut the hay.  Even with the windows closed, you could still smell the wonderful aroma of freshly mown crops.
   I know next to nothing about haying; when you plant, cut etc. but I do appreciate the work that is involved.  My husband's sister and brother-in-law have a small, family owned farm and the work seems endless but so is the reward.  Despite the problems with weather, ever rising costs and other problems, I know that neither of them would chose a different life.  When the grandchildren come out to see the newly born calves or baby chicks, the expression on their faces make it all worthwhile.
 Our own little plot of land can't remotely be referred to as a farm but we too get a lot of satisfaction from our fresh laid eggs, home grown fruits and vegetable and the knowledge that our food is pesticide and chemical free.
   The day may come when the family farm no long exists.  It seems that goverments prefer the mega operations where the animals never see the sun and the produce no longer has any nutrients.  Until then, stop at farmer's markets or farm gate stands and enjoy the way food is supposed to taste.

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