Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boring Borders

I decided to go to bed early last night.  I grabbed a book from my shelf without really looking at the title and then realized it was one that I hadn't yet read.  Borders: The Basics and Beyond by Jill Reber is just that; a guide to various border designs.  It is a well written book and I can see why I bought it.  Every time I make a quilt I keep thinking about doing something beyond the usual straight strips added around the top.  This book has given me some ideas and it also included some border samplers so I can see how they will look.  I may make one of them to keep and use as a prod to be more creative.
I suppose what got me thinking about borders is a small quilt I am finishing.  I just added the border strips and it is lying on the cutting table where I can easily see it.  The more I look at it, the more I wish I had done something different around the edge.  To late now as the backing has already been cut. It sure looks boring though.
We have finally got some rain and it has cooled down considerably.  Mom-in-law is coming for a visit so I am going to take advantage of the temperature and do some baking.  May even make some rice crispy squares for my husband.

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