Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Nice Visit

We had a lovely visit with my sister and her family yesterday.  The younger relatives grow and change so quickly that it is hard to keep up.  Our one nephew, who will soon be starting university, is over 6 feet tall and doesn't seem to be stopping yet.
The Haliburton area is one of Ontario's beauty spots and the drive to and from took us past a continuous view of lakes and small, lily pad covered ponds. We were quit tired when we got home as it is a long trip but was certainly worthwhile and enjoyable.
Today,  we got outside early in the morning to do some work.  I pulled weeds and my husband worked on the addition.  We have final approval now so he is going to be able to start the serious work.  We just have one more step.  The inspector has to come over and see the foundation.  I am quite anxious to see the floor done and the walls go up.  Once the roof is on we can take our time with the rest of the work. (I say 'we' but really my part is very minimal.) I am so proud of my husband for being able to do all this.  It is going to add a lot to our home and he is saving us a bundle of money by doing the work himself.

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