Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Applique

Vintage Tiles Revisited-Block of the Month
This is the first block I have completed from this series.  I think this is actually block # 3.  It looked as though it might be the easiest of the ones I had and I was right.  I am still very much a neophyte appliquer and I was able to complete this without any problem.  I used batiks for the applique fabric.  The background is actually darker than it appears in the photo.  I am now back at doing a block from the Baltimore Album set as well as working on a pattern I designed, a wedding quilt and probably a few other projects as well.
Tomorrow, we will be visiting my sister at her cottage.  I have been thinking of a knitted bag pattern so will take the materials for that to work on when it is my husbands turn to drive.

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  1. a very pretty first block. wish i was as good the first time I tried something. A hot weekend ahead of us. stay cool and enjoy.