Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dashing Here and There

Yesterday was a busy and tiring day.  We left the house shortly after eight so I could do my cat sitting responsibilities.  Then it was off to my eye appointment which consisted of half a dozen different tests the result of which is laser surgery.  My brother and his wife had invited us for a barbecue so that was the next stop.  We had a lovely meal, my sister in law is an excellent cook, and a equally lovely visit.  It is always interesting gong to their house as they had bought a real fixer upper and the changes are astounding.  I am sure the neighbours are really pleased with the results as well.
On our return trip home, we stopped for groceries and fuel, settled the cats in for the night and picked up our dog.  We got home just before seven.
It is a lot cooler today and I should be making bread but I am puttering.  My husband has gone for a motorcycle ride and Heidi is still resting from her visit to her caregiver where she gets a lot more exercise that she does at home.  There were two other small dogs there this time so she got to have a play date as well.
I've done the cats this morning and some bits and pieces in the village.  I will need to go out again later but, for now, I am glad to be at home enjoying my tea and the music on the radio.  Our road is being paved so I hope it will be finished by supper time as I hate getting all that gook on my car.

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